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You have zero need for this. No news apps have it. If you want to pay for a lawyer to interpret it for me, I'll reconsider. Goodbye Metro. And just for that, I won't be reading your print edition either.

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Advertisers should be reconsidering this organization. Stupid app Slow with glitches App has become very slow after update. Very difficult to scroll as it continues to freeze.

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  6. Old app was better Old app was easier to use. Did not crash all the time. Every time I try to scroll down a page, this new version skips to another article. And then crashes. Or it opens up the main image that I can't avoid because it takes up most of the screen.

    Super Slow After Update This app crawls and runs too slowly to be of any use after updating today. I'm on an iPhone 6S and this app is lagging when I scroll and is barely usable. Unknown; Privacy They have just changed to have a new privacy policy. I'm sorry you don't as a news app need that much of my personal information. It's a shame because it was a convenient way to get mediocre liberal bias news. I guess I'll stick to your website where they can't just cookie me for the data.

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    Network Data. Online Marketing Manager. Metro News advertising reaches 1. According to their Ads. Switch between locations with our location picker. Contribute to the conversation with our new commenting feature. Members get all-access To log in, simply use the same username and password you use to access your local publication.

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    Pick and change locations Toggle between locations using the location picker in the top left-hand corner and enjoy great local content from that community. Speak up! What works? What doesn't? Tourism association denounces levies to support Halifax stadium Updated 12 hours ago. Plastics exec says Nova Scotia's plastic bag ban will cost jobs, increase landfill waste Published a day ago. Fentanyl overdose raises alarm in Pictou County Updated 17 hours ago. SPCA pilot program takes in pets of people fleeing domestic violence Updated 7 hours ago.

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    Local More. The owl grabbed the pussycat for a perilous trip to sea Updated 11 hours ago. Off-duty Halifax police officer arrested after threats complaint Updated 15 hours ago. Vehicles speeding in residential areas was No.

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    Paul Russell Updated 17 hours ago. Upper Musquodoboit man dies after truck crashes into ditch Updated 20 hours ago. Provincial More.

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    Great community support for epilepsy awareness walk in Digby Published 4 hours ago. Hit and run memories haunt Glace Bay mother and daughter Published 10 hours ago. Readers favour roundabouts in Cape Breton Post poll Published 10 hours ago. RCMP seeking public's help in investigation about vehicle collision and an alleged assault Updated 10 hours ago. Family with Nova Scotia connection faces health crisis after cold turns out to be deadly, paralyzing syndrome Updated 13 hours ago. Welcome to our Newsroom. See what our journalists are covering and how to reach us. Play Video. A Philly artist has just redesigned the Barrymore Awards.

    And the winning trophy is This pop-up Halloween adventure in a South Philly church building has dancing zombies, phantom phone booths, and more by Ellen Dunkel. Capturing the moments beyond a screen by Angela Duckworth. Dear Abby Widowed mother begins affair with married brother-in-law by Dear Abby. Jake Tapper is drawing Dilbert for charity. He used to draw for the Inquirer.

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    5. Investigative reports, featured series, and guides to living in the Philadelphia region, brought to you by The Inquirer. Send us your burning questions, or vote on other readers' questions that pique your interest.