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The energy of this instinct creates a warm, secure home environment, a perfect love nest for the growing and cultivation of a healthy relationship. Cancer is a Water Sign. Instinct and emotion drive this relationship. Hence, that Crabby shell in which they hide themselves when frightened or overwhelmed. This Watery element of their nature can protect them and their loved ones from the harsh realities of the outside world.

Cancer is a Cardinal Sign. The Crab is not shy about getting exactly what they want from their partner. The protecting feral beast within is the first emotional element to leap forward under stress or a threat to the pack.

Cancer Compatibility - Love, Sex, Trust & Life

However, these bursts of emotion may overwhelm a Cancer and crush their tender feelings. Remember though, every compatibility situation is unique and it is important to use the deep reflection and insight offered by a good compatibility test to understand truly how compatible you are with another. A woman who is a Cancer seeks someone who will take care of her at all times and will need constant reassurance that her mate will not stray from her, even if she assumes or believes that the possibility is there.

For a male Cancer , he wants a woman who will care for him like a mother. Thus, he is very sensitive to his surroundings and needs to be understood by how he feels and thinks. In other words, it is best to sit down and listen to what he has to say, and not criticize or fault him for anything if you have a chance.

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Their polar opposites are Aries, Libra, and Capricorn. If matched with a fellow Cancer, the match can have its extreme highs and lows and can either be extremely successful or extremely stressful.

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Cancer is a sensitive, nurturing sign. Cancer is the most feminine sign of the zodiac and are by nature very emotional. Cancer can seem to be tough on the outside and may present this external image to the world but, this is something that Cancer learns to develop, throughout his life, so that he can protect his deep rooted feelings. Much like the crab, Cancer is tough on the outside to protect himself but soft and gentle on the inside.

Love Compatibility Between Cancer and Leo

Cancer is very mannerly and courteous. They can be found attractive by the opposite sex because of their delicate, artistic nature. Cancers have a moody, turbulent side to them, however, and Cancer needs someone who can give them praise, appreciation and comfort when they are feeling anxious or gloomy. In Cancer relationships, Cancer will want to have security, loyalty and faithful trust. Cancer will not give this trust himself very easily. Cancer has an inner fear of rejection and this can prevent them from making the first move in love.

Zodiac Love Match Between Earth and Water

They can be initially guarded and reluctant about romantic partnership and need time to trust and build a stable relationship slowly through that trust. Generally, Cancer and Scorpio have the potential to form a long-term marriage. The only weakness of these two is that they wrap themselves too tightly in their own shelves. Lack of trust sometimes smothers them; this is not good if both fall in love with each other. A Scorpio likes to chase, and getting to know about a typical Cancer man will help the lady win his heart with ease. This is in fact a strong and powerful union that can balance well between passions and desires.

The longer they spend time together, the love they share will grow bigger to the point that nothing can weaken or destroy the bond as well as connection between them. Regardless all the differences, they always try to empathize and understand each other. The conflicts between a Cancer and a Scorpio will happen but not really cause an impact to their relationship. For the single Cancer-born individuals, Scorpio is truly the person that you should spend your life with. The moment you pair up two Cancerians romantically, they will form an emotional, intuitive, and full of love relationship.

What is special about the Cancer-Cancer match? This duo takes love seriously and devotes everything deeply to one another.

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They will become endlessly loyal if falling for someone. When finding the true mate, both Cancers will take time learning about the other in and out. Since Cancer is the home person, they find great comfort and satisfaction when being in a committed relationship with the one they love.

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  6. Sympathetic, faithful and caring, the marriage of Cancer and Cancer will last endlessly without any conflict. They will support each other to focus on making a sweet home and build a strong foundation to the family.

    Undoubtedly, it is the utter devotion from both sides. Sharing the strong emotional bond, two Cancerians together can strengthen their love, protect each other, and nurture a loving family. Naturally sensitive, a Cancer sometimes can be moody but only the Cancer partner is able to understand and empathize with this. The marriage of two Cancerians is all about home and family. They require both security and loyalty from a partner, and Cancer is known for their loyalty. Of all signs mentioned above, this guy will be likely to share the built-to-last relationship with either a Pisces lady or a fellow Cancer woman as both are compatible well on the emotional level, plus having mutual understanding.

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